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Prolific cartographer and pentomino pioneer. I also made like 90% of all configs.

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Pentomino 2L PC SimpleSTATIC
Pentomino T-spins There's also a couple hexominoes at the end.STATIC
Hexomania XehSTATIC
Elevate Some SquaresSTATIC
Top Hat Tap Happy and TappyBAG
Pentavern Clearly Perfectly Perfect ClearableBAG
Stringed 'Slasp'BAG
Ayayam This felt necessary.BAG
PolySpoon SpinfulSTATIC
Heptomania Lucky SevensSTATIC
Leafy SimpleSTATIC
Spin CLass some basic spins in this innovative new completely not recycled mapSTATIC
Narrow 2 Sequel to an old mapSTATIC
Ominous Octomino Orthagon Often over-ommited, octomino's overthrow oncoming!STATIC
Wide 2 width of 15, 37 unique pieces, a kind of sequel to previous wide map.STATIC
ASCSC aka. Ascension Spin CLass. Lots of ASC exclusive spins in this.STATIC
Split Don't get confusedBAG
Narrow 1 A port of one of the earliest maps I made on ascension, back on the old site. It was the basis for narrow 2STATIC