Map List

Pentomino Spins spins for (almost) all pentominosSmolBepisSTATIC
Super spin O: Pretty neat stuffsuppleSTATIC
7th PC - JZS 100%JimothyJimothyBAG
ben's weird thing ben asked if this works in asc rs so yeaKeejSTATIC
ceiling tech :thinkingwinterNebsBAG
Wall tech :thinking:winterNebsBAG
giga yam abstract tech mapwinterNebsBAG
2nd PC - JSZL Use after perfect clearing with TIO. 100%JimothyJimothyBAG
Ominous Octomino Orthagon Often over-ommited, octomino's overthrow oncoming!Tetrian22STATIC
3 Line Perfect Clear EzdescensionSTATIC
Pseudo Impossible Map 2 Disjointed pieces are greatdescensionSTATIC
Pseudo impossible map 1 Well, GLdescensionSTATIC
Lazyness Map created out of lazynessdescensionSTATIC
Narrow 2 Sequel to an old mapTetrian22STATIC
Spin CLass some basic spins in this innovative new completely not recycled mapTetrian22STATIC
Leafy SimpleTetrian22STATIC
Figure It Out Another map I made lolBahnDatenSTATIC
EZ Title is being sarcasticdescensionSTATIC
Heptomania Lucky SevensTetrian22STATIC
PolySpoon SpinfulTetrian22STATIC
Fun T-Spins First easy map I made in AscensionBahnDatenSTATIC
Ayayam This felt necessary.Tetrian22BAG
Stringed 'Slasp'Tetrian22BAG
2nd PC - ZSIO Use this after perfect clearing with TJLJimothyJimothyBAG
2nd PC - JLOI Use this after perfect clearing with TSZJimothyJimothyBAG
2nd PC - JSZL Use this after perfect clearing with TIOJimothyJimothyBAG
Pentavern Clearly Perfectly Perfect ClearableTetrian22BAG
Top Hat Tap Happy and TappyTetrian22BAG
Elevate Some SquaresTetrian22STATIC
Hexomania XehTetrian22STATIC
Pentomino T-spins There's also a couple hexominoes at the end.Tetrian22STATIC
Pentomino 2L PC SimpleTetrian22STATIC
good luck testing stuffwinterNebsBAG
Bad Memory PCO I forgotwinterNebsBAG