Map List

iso Loop :thinking:KeejSTATIC
cursed normal tetrominos but with off center centers of rotationSmolBepisSTATIC
All spin .KeejSTATIC
Narrow 1 A port of one of the earliest maps I made on ascension, back on the old site. It was the basis for narrow 2Tetrian22STATIC
Split Don't get confusedTetrian22BAG
ASCSC aka. Ascension Spin CLass. Lots of ASC exclusive spins in this.Tetrian22STATIC
Wide 2 width of 15, 37 unique pieces, a kind of sequel to previous wide map.Tetrian22STATIC
Pentomino Spins spins for (almost) all pentominosSmolBepisSTATIC
Super spin O: Pretty neat stuffsuppleSTATIC
7th PC - JZS 100%JimothyJimothyBAG
ben's weird thing ben asked if this works in asc rs so yeaKeejSTATIC
ceiling tech :thinkingwinterNebsBAG
Wall tech :thinking:winterNebsBAG
giga yam abstract tech mapwinterNebsBAG
2nd PC - JSZL Use after perfect clearing with TIO. 100%JimothyJimothyBAG
Ominous Octomino Orthagon Often over-ommited, octomino's overthrow oncoming!Tetrian22STATIC
3 Line Perfect Clear EzdescensionSTATIC
Pseudo Impossible Map 2 Disjointed pieces are greatdescensionSTATIC
Pseudo impossible map 1 Well, GLdescensionSTATIC
Lazyness Map created out of lazynessdescensionSTATIC
Narrow 2 Sequel to an old mapTetrian22STATIC
Spin CLass some basic spins in this innovative new completely not recycled mapTetrian22STATIC
Leafy SimpleTetrian22STATIC
Figure It Out Another map I made lolBahnDatenSTATIC
EZ Title is being sarcasticdescensionSTATIC
Heptomania Lucky SevensTetrian22STATIC
PolySpoon SpinfulTetrian22STATIC
Fun T-Spins First easy map I made in AscensionBahnDatenSTATIC
Ayayam This felt necessary.Tetrian22BAG
Stringed 'Slasp'Tetrian22BAG
2nd PC - ZSIO Use this after perfect clearing with TJLJimothyJimothyBAG
2nd PC - JLOI Use this after perfect clearing with TSZJimothyJimothyBAG
2nd PC - JSZL Use this after perfect clearing with TIOJimothyJimothyBAG
Pentavern Clearly Perfectly Perfect ClearableTetrian22BAG
Top Hat Tap Happy and TappyTetrian22BAG
Elevate Some SquaresTetrian22STATIC
Hexomania XehTetrian22STATIC
Pentomino T-spins There's also a couple hexominoes at the end.Tetrian22STATIC
Pentomino 2L PC SimpleTetrian22STATIC
good luck testing stuffwinterNebsBAG
Bad Memory PCO I forgotwinterNebsBAG